About YeHIF

First, this website is a test, and depending on how useful I find it, I might decide to
discontinue it after test period.

As a part of the "Special K" project I have identified a series of PTM's on Lysines in
histones using, tandem mass spectrometry.
The histones in yeast are H2A, H2B, H3 and H4. This is a relative low number of proteins
and since the histones are small proteins, it is not surprisingly, that I often "catch"
the same modification (type and residue) in different samples. However, depending on the
amount of sample (and the constellations of moon, sun and stars) the quality of the obtained
MS/MS data can differ a great deal, making it easier or more difficult to identify the PTM
site and type.
Inspired by the pasts EI-MS libraries (most often used to identify small molecules using GC-MS)
I have in this website collected all the MS/MS data I have interpetated. It's my hope that
this will make my life easier, identifying PTM's on histones.

I have added information about the origin of a given sample where an PTM has been identified.
The information will include an email address on the relevant collaborator. This way I hope
the different groups can find a way to exchange the best protocols.