Liquid Chromatography (LC) - Agilent 1100 stack (CapLC pump, micro-Well plate autosampler

Electrospray sources - Proxeon nanoES platform equipped with either a low-flow set-up when
connected to liquid chromatography (LC flow rates: 200-300nL/min) or a true nanoES source
(Mann-Wilm type - 10-20nL/min).

Mass spectrometry (MS) - hybrid quadrupole-Time-of-Flight mass spectrometer from AppliedBiosystems
(QSTAR-Pulsar ) or Agilent ion trap mass spectrometer

Search engine - Mascot (MatrixScience).

Database - yeast entries extracted from NCBI's nrdb. The sequence of usual contaminants such as keratin
and trypsin are included in the database.

Fig. 1. Schematic of the LC-MS setup used on a Quadrupole-Time-of-Flight mass spectrometer